SAML login : Error as "You are not authorized to access this page "

*Sonarqube Enterprise 9.9 LTS

  • Deployed via zip
  • Enabling SSO (Using Nginx as a backend for http and Azure App Gateway for frontend with Https)
  • Provided Required details in SQ Administration webpage


We are trying to enable SSO , but getting error as ‘You’re not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator’.

We are using Azure Application gateway for Frontend and as Backend using Nginx for a Proxy pass of http.

The application login page is landing to App gateway but only the SAML is landing back to Nginx which is in SQ VM.

Somewhere i am missing settings, can i get an advice on this please.


Hi Harsha,

What are you seeing in your server logs? You may need to turn on debug logging to get the most relevant messaging.


Hi Ann,

How do we turn on debug logging? please provide the details.

sonarqube is installed in linux host.


Hi Harsha,

You can do it through the UI, or via, which requires a restart.


Hi Ann,

Thank you i can see the debug logs. I done changes in Nginx SSO is working now.


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