SAML Authentication: No private key available for decrypt

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i installed sonarqube in version 10.5 and followed the instructions to setup saml authentication with azure entra. But at the end i’m facing an issue:
When i try to login with saml account, i see an error message “not authorized” and in the web.log file there is an exception:

Caused by: com.onelogin.saml2.exception.SettingsException: No private key available for decrypt, check settings
	at com.onelogin.saml2.authn.SamlResponse.decryptAssertion(
	at com.onelogin.saml2.authn.SamlResponse.loadXmlFromBase64(
	at com.onelogin.saml2.authn.SamlResponse.<init>(
	at com.onelogin.saml2.authn.SamlResponse.<init>(
	at com.onelogin.saml2.factory.SamlMessageFactory.createSamlResponse(
	at com.onelogin.saml2.Auth.processResponse(
	at com.onelogin.saml2.Auth.processResponse(
	at org.sonar.auth.saml.SamlAuthenticator.processResponse(

It might be because of the fields “Service provider private key” and “service provider certificate” in the configuration wizzard (at the bottom of the document) - i have no idea, where to get these information and also documenation about this is a bit rare…
So these fields are empty but are needed. Could you help me how to configure these authentication?

I was able to solve this issue! I activated token validation on azure entry side (accidentally) but missed configuration on sonarqube site.
So i navigated to azure entry → sonarqube application → token validation
Deleted token validation item (imported certificate) and now its working!

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