Error setting-up SAML

Hello everyone.

I am currently trying to setup SSO authentication in my sonarqube app. I have a keycloak server running, and I am trying make it work with Sonarqube.

I have read the documentation, however I am encountering an issue.

I get this error message:

You're not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator.

Reason: No Signature found. SAML Response rejected

However, I have set every needed information and followed any direction given in the documentation.

Filled field:

  • Provider ID
  • SAML Login url
  • Provider certificate
  • SAML user name/login attribute

I am getting my certificate from here:

Here are my sonarqube error logs:

2022.02.23 11:05:35 ERROR web[AX8mOJi113UDVqWHAAC3][c.o.s.a.SamlResponse] No Signature found. SAML Response rejected
2022.02.23 11:05:35 ERROR web[AX8mOJi113UDVqWHAAC3][c.o.saml2.Auth] processResponse error. invalid_response
2022.02.23 11:05:35 DEBUG web[AX8mOJi113UDVqWHAAC3][c.o.saml2.Auth]  --> PHNhbWxw [...]

Unfortunatly, I am currently out of idea. Have you encountered this issue yet? Does anyone knows how to fix it?

Thank you in advance,