S6934 Should not apply to abstract controllers

I don’t think this rule should be applied to abstract controller classes:

// Lack of [Route] triggers S6934
public abstract class BaseController : Controller {
    public IActionResult List() {
        // ... load and return items

public sealed UserController : MyAbstractController {
    // other controller code

UserController has its own Route attribute and therefore exposes /api/user/list which triggers its version of List().
Of course there is no way to enforce setting Route attributes on derived classes, but I think BaseController being abstract could be enough of a hint, especially once the project’s conventions are known.
For reference our project does NOT use conventional routing (bar a couple very specific cases).

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Hi @m-gallesio. Thank you for reporting this problem. Confirmed as False Positive. I created a Github issue for it, you can use it to track the progress of the fix.