Running Language specific analysis in Sonarqube

Hi Everyone ,
I am using sonarqube 7.9 community and developer edition .
I want to know how can I run language specific analysis with sonarqube .
I run analysis from my Azure DevOps Build , sonarqube analysis tasks are integrated in the build itself .
For instance in the image below , I need analysis for C# only but it’s generating report for all other languages too .
Can anyone please guide me on how I can achieve this ?

Thanks in Advance!


I’m curious why you wouldn’t want to see all the issues in your project across languages…?

And to answer your questions, the easiest thing to do is probably set your project inclusions (Project Settings->General Settings->Analysis Scope) to something like **/*.cs. Alternately, you could edit the file extensions for the unwanted languages to something like .foo.