Run coverage tests automatically

As a sonarcloud user I want Python coverage tests to run automatically from within sonarcloud so that I don’t have to commit xml coverage reports in my repo. I typically add those to the gitignore.

Hello @once-returner,

Thank you for your suggestion!

I have a few questions that are going to help me better understand your need:

  • Are you using the automatic analysis feature?
  • If not, could you provide more details on how you have integrated SonarCloud into your workflow?


Yes, I am using automatic analysis.

Thank you for providing the additional information.

We do not have plans to support executing tests on SonarCloud side. Every project has different needs, configurations, and environments that we would need to support and provide in order to be able to execute the tests. What we want to do in this regard is to support adding coverage reports to automatic analysis results. You can find more information in this MMF. That way you will be able to run the tests on your CI/CD system and enrich the SonarCloud results with your coverage reports. This is already possible with manual analysis and we plan to add it to automatic analysis as well.