Run Code Analysis is extremely slow

Versions Used:

  • SonarQube
  • Azure DevOps Run Code Analysis 4.6.3

Error observed:

Extremely poor performance of the Run Code Analysis task. The task runs already over 2 hours 47 minutes and shows INFO: 18012/23245 files analyzed

The build compiles the code, runs unit tests with OpenCover and it does so between the Prepare Analysis Configuration and Run Code Analysis tasks.

The code contains 3 solutions, about 200 projects in all. Unfortunately, it is a monolithic application…

We are trying to setup our first coverage build and so far could not fix this problem.

Please, help us.


I am embarrassed, but here it is - the reason was misconfigured anti virus on the build server.

Thanks for the update @Mark_Kharitonov; it might help someone else out :slight_smile: