Rule S3649 Not Found Enterprise Edition Version 6.7.5


We are using Version 6.7.5 Enterprise Version. Rule squid:S2077 (SQL binding mechanisms should be used) is depreciated. The replacement rule is listed as S3649 (/coding_rules#rule_key=squid%3AS3649). That link is not resolving to an actual rule. I have read that S3649 is available on in the paid editions. However, we are running a paid edition and still cannot see the rule. Is there something we need to do to make this rule available?




Unfortunately, that rule isn’t available in the LTS. You’ll need to upgrade to the latest version to have access to it.


Hi Ann,

it seems a strange practice to me to depreciate it in 6.7.5, but not provide the replacement in 6.7.5. Any insight as to why this was done?

Hi David,

This is obviously a very fair point and goes back to the different lifecycles of the pieces of the SonarQube ecosystem. I’m guessing you didn’t see this deprecation notice immediately after your move to 6.7.* but after an upgrade of SonarJava. The version of SonarJava that first deprecated that rule was released in conjunction with a later version of the platform, and for technical reasons we’re not able to make the companion piece that offers the replacement rule available for the LTS.

I hope this makes sense.