Clarification on squid:S2077 evolution


(Hilal Emeksiz) #1

we use community version 7.0. Upgraded sonar java plugin from to ;
what I noticed that is the name of squid:S2077 changed and became inactive when I examined the commits in github of the plugin I can find the the rules’s name and explanation has changed. But I also noticed that the rule is not active in SonarWay built in profile any more. There are issues about this rule and this rule is inactive.

  1. In which release the name of the rule has changed? I found this bu t couldn’t catch the release.

2)Why is the rule inactivated and in which release? I followed the release explanations however could not find.

3)What do you recommend for the issues whose rules are inactivated?

4)How can we get informed of inactivated rules before the releases?

Thank you

(Nicolas Bontoux) #2

Hi Hilal,

I feel like this can help clarify: