Rule S2083 with execution time over 30 minutes

I am running on an Azure Hosted agent using the Run Code Analysis Task version 1.9.0.

I am trying to get an initial analysis done on my code base. My last attempt timed out while evaluating S2083. The relevant log lines:

    2019-10-03T19:31:23.0300772Z INFO: rule: S2631, entrypoints: 57
    2019-10-03T19:31:23.0426532Z INFO: Visited 1270 ucfgs in 1016 ms, 67660 steps
    2019-10-03T19:31:23.2686694Z INFO: rule: S2631 done
    2019-10-03T19:31:23.4785026Z INFO: rule: S2083, entrypoints: 107
    2019-10-03T20:07:24.7794752Z ##[error]The operation was canceled.
    2019-10-03T20:07:24.7806703Z ##[section]Finishing: SonarCloudAnalyze

I have modified the default rules to disable this rule along with other rules as discussed in a earlier defect. That build is currently in process.

What steps I take and information should I gather to help resolve this issue?

hi @epvanhouten and welcome to our community forum!

First of all:

  • what version of SonarQube are you using? or are you using SonarCloud?
  • what version of Scanner for MSBuild are you using - the .NET framework or the .NET Core one?


  • could you share the debug logs of the End step (run the begin step with /d:sonar.verbose=true in order to enable verbose logging - see docs)?

To be able to analyze the perf issue, we will need access to the UCFG files. These are in the .sonarqube\out\ucfg_cs2 folder. If you want, you can zip that folder and send it in a private conversation on the forum. We will be able to run the analysis locally using those files and eventually find the performance hotspots.

Please note that the UCFG files are an abstraction of the source code (the Control Flow Graph), so it is sensitive information: names of namespaces, classes and methods (hence they should be sent via a private message on the forum)

(this may also be connected to this issue)

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