SonarQube analysis is taking too much time to scan a .Net based project

I am using the following versions -

  1. SonarQube - Version 7.9.1 Enterprise Edition
  2. SonarScanner for MSBuild : 4.6.0 & 5.0.4
  3. Jenkins version 2.235.5

The problem is Sonar scanner is taking too much time in a particular step while executing the analysis. That step is (highlighted in bold)-

15:29:46 INFO: rule: S2083, entrypoints: 188
15:32:08 INFO: Visited 933 ucfgs in 136785 ms, 496462 steps
15:32:08 INFO: rule: S2083 done

Could you please help me to debug why that particular rule is taking that much time ?

Hi @ravindrakmr,

S2083 is a security rule that performs intensive cross procedural taint value propagation analysis. While we’re continuously working on improving performance of your analyzer, analyzing flow of your 933 methods in almost half a million steps is time consuming.

Underlaying reason for this rule is probably that you have a lot of IO operations in your project that are reachable from controller actions.

Thanks Pavel. Do you have any suggestions to improve this ? Actually I have excluded everything but it is still taking that much time for rule S2083.