Ruby 3.1 hash syntax not supported with SQScanner

Hi all,

I am using Ruby and SQScanner docker image to check my code. However, we are using Ruby 3.1.2 and the now shorthand hash syntax introduced with the Ruby 3.1 release and the scanner seems to not be able to parse these files:
ERROR: Cannot parse 'src/app/utils/configuration/config.rb': (SyntaxError) unexpected token tCOMMA

Is-there a plan to support this language feature in the next future? Are-you open to pull-requests for this feature?

We are using the scanner version I know latest version is 4.7 (updating the version we use is out of my hands, sadly), but didn’t find any mention of the feature in the changelog, and the code of slang seems to use the ruby 3.0 parser in its latest version, hence my message here.


Hello Rémi,

Thanks for the report! The good news is that we are working on updating our support for Ruby in the coming weeks. I have created a ticket for this issue, which we are planning to tackle during this effort.

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