Rosyln rules categorization not filterable

I have configured certain Rosyln analyzer rules to fit in the Bug category in sonar cube.

What I am seeing is that this changes the Description of the rule to Bug but it does not change it’s Type for filtering purposes.

Am I doing something incorrect here?

This is what is set in settings:

Hey there.

Thanks for reaching out to us about this. I tried to reproduce it and what I found (and what is expected) is that existing issues will not have their type updated – new issues will. Does that match the behavior you’re experiencing?

Along the way I also found that rule descriptions are a disaster because it will simply show the rule type associated with the most recent analysis in the organization. It’s not really related here, but if we manage to fix it, it’s thank to you :wink:

Yes for brand new issues I see the type reflected, however Is there any way to change the existing issues?

I disabled the rosyln analysis and published that to sonarcloud, and the issues are not shown on the main branch. however when I re-enable the rosyln analysis and re-publish to sonarcloud the issues show up but are still of type code smell. Is there any solution to this other than deleting the project and restarting ?

I see I can write something against the API to do it if there is no other way, with the advantage that I can set severity. I guess I will have to look at that.

I think you’ll find the Bulk Change feature useful. If you filter down to those issues, you can change them all at once (or more accurately, in batches of 500) to have a different rule type!

Ah, I had not spotted that, yes that will be very useful, thanks.