Request: Mark as Safe for all Branches

Hi all,

We have a case where a specific line of code is detected as a false-positive, and has been manually marked as Safe.

However, the same line in the same file alerts on every new branch that contains it.

Can we make SQ remember this across different branches, is there a configuration we can do, or is it a feature request?

Running Enterprise Edition v.8.9

Thank you


Welcome to the community!

Per the docs, this should be being synched on first analysis of the branch. Are the FPs marked in your main branch? And if so, can you share the analysis log from the first analysis of a new branch?


Thank you Ann :slight_smile:

The file traverses multiple branches before making its way to the main branch. On every branch it passes, it has to be manually marked as safe again.

Do I understand you right that once it’s in the main branch, it will be automatically marked for all the other ones?



Okay, so you’re introducing an issue in a (non-main) branch and the pain point is that on its journey to main, it keeps showing up in intermediate branches.

So yes, once the issue makes its way to main and is marked FP there, that will be propagated to all subsequently-created branches.

In addition, there’s something in the docs about using a reference branch for the New Code definition, although I’ll be honest and say the meaning isn’t clear to me. So FWIW. (And yes, I’ll be raising this point internally.)


Thank you ann, this provides the necessary clarifications :slight_smile: