Reports TODO's and FIXME's on XML files

Xml analyzer should report TODO’s and FIXME’s in XML files.

This rule is already available for go, php, JavaScript, Java, C#, Ruby and Kotlin and should also be available for XML.

They should have equivalent description, rationale, type, tags and severity than for the other languages. (See squid:S1134 and squid:S1135 for instance)

I created mines, using XPath (//comment()[contains(.,'TODO')] and //comment()[contains(.,'FIXME')]), but this kind of rule should be available by default.

Hey Jonathan,

I agree with you, there is no obvious reasons why these rules are not already available for XML. You may perfectly want to define things to do or fix on some manually crafted XML files.

I consequently created the following tickets to implements these 2 new rules:


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