[Rules XML] how to find documentation for <param>

i have made a plugin for a software with my own rules in xml like this

		<name>Logiscope xx</name>		
		<description>test not valid</description>

but i can’t find documentation for explain elements for like

  • adding description
  • can allow to change value on sonar definition (not have read only value)
  • and more
    where i can find more information about this ?


I’m not sure this is documented externally at all. :frowning:

I think the easiest thing to do is pull apart a language library/plugin and see what you find. The CheckStyle plugin comes immediately to mind since they’ve got an update pending for the marketplace. Alternately, you could dig into your instance’s lib/extensions directory.

I’m saying this because I have a vague memory that rule descriptions are in a different file (files?)… Aaand… digging around in a library brings me to the /org/sonar/l10n/[language]/rules/[language] directory, which holds both a JSON and an HTML file per rule.