Replacement of cnes report plugin

what is the best report plugin to replace cnes report? I realize that cnes has had a lot of version compatibility issues with sonar and I want to replace it. any recommendations?


i only know this one alternative
bitegarden ($) offers among others some reporting plugins with a 14 days trial, see

We use it with Sonarqube Enterprise 9.9 and i like them.

Otherwise you may create your own plugin, see


Hi Gilbert,

Since you are running an Enterprise Edition, I’m interested to know if there is any specific information from the cnes report that is not included in the regulatory report available for download on your instance.
Would you see any specific additional information to add, and can you please explain how you are using it?


Hi Chris,

this is a late response, wanted to give you some current examples, but unfortunately i can’t because of

for this, an improvement is urgently needed! Tried to push it already, but … :frowning:

As Enterprise customer i may use the regulatory report zip file for snapshots.
What i like about the bitegarden report plugin

is that there are different kinds of pdf output, beside csv and a custom odt report, see

The Sonarqube report ain’t customizable.


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