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Well I found this conversation because I’m actually encountering a problem with the renesas rx compiler, I’m not managing to get the build-wrapper recognizing it (version 6.4)
I’m using Renesas RX compiler 3.01.00, the name of the compiler (as a file) is ccrx.exe and apparently it doesn’t trigger anything.
But if I change the name of the compiler to iccarm (IAR old name), in addition to recognize the compiler as IAR (that part was expected) it apparently manages to read all the properties correctly and generates me a nice report . . . so I’m not understanding everything.

Basicly, from this conversation I’m not understanding how to get my ccrx compiler recognized by the build wrapper, why is that ? (I also tried ccrl, which is the name of renesas RL78, but it doesn’t recognize it either)

Thx in advance.

Also I’m using SonarQube on other project, from IAR to GCC passing by MSVC so I would say I’m sure about my setup, but if you have a suggestion I’m taking it cause I’m out of ideas.

Hi @doudouClem,

do you know since when the name changed from iccrx.exe to ccrx.exe?

If renesas changed the name of the compilers it explains why they are not recognized and you are not getting the desired analysis.

Ok the first things first :

  • I changed the name to iccrx > it works, so workaround is found
  • and for your question, I don’t know when they did change their names, I can tell you tho, that I have several versions of the renesas compilers installed :
    1 RX compiler 2.08.00 - name of compiler : ccrx.exe
    2 RX compiler 3.00.00 - name of compiler : ccrx.exe
    3 RX compiler 3.01.00 - name of compiler : ccrx.exe
    4 RL78 compiler 1.07.00 - name of compiler : ccrl.exe
    5 RL78 compiler 1.08.00 - name of compiler : ccrl.exe

after that, I don’t know if those versions kept their original names or if they also changed the names of previous versions when the named changed. I can only give you what I have :smiley: . Hope it helps.

Thx for the fix tho, have a nice day

Hi @doudouClem,

the issue comes from the fact that we are not talking about the same compilers. Our analyzer officially supports the IAR compilers for Renesas chipsets listed in the product page, and unfortunately doesn’t support Renesas compilers.

I created a ticket about that CPP-2478, without any ETA. Out of curiosity, did you manage to correctly analyze your project by renaming the compiler to have an i as prefix (i.e. ccrx.exe to iccrx.exe)?

Oh sorry I thought that was a done deal.
Ok well yeah I the scan is a success, I get a report. I also get some unkown types on some basic types, but I’m not sure that the problem is coming from the compiler choice (because I suppose you are including some files by default, so I thought that some problems may come from there)
But the amount of issues that are “setup” related (like finding system / compiler files) is very low.
IMO the report is very much useful and we will use it for sure

So the short answer would be yes (the complete one would be it looks like a yes)

Hope that helps, I’m not sure I’m very clear.

Hi @doudouClem,

thank you for your answer and explanation.

Hi again, so I finally had time to come back to this project to refine.
So I have some strange issues like : the scanner is not finding the first included file of each c file (litterally) and I think it’s due to the compiler having a problem because when I compile those files with the same file but compiling those with g++, well it finds them ok.
Also the probing is failing, clearly the renesas rx compiler is not supported anymore I would say, at least not at its best >

the probe output is empty (the file analysis is starting directly the next line)
so basicly we have a lot of parsing failures due to that.

Did you already encounter the include problem before ?

Hi @doudouClem,

that means that ccrx cli interface from Renesas is not at all compatible with iccrx from IAR. I discourage you to continue this way, I would recommend you to either use a supported compiler or wait for support of Renesas compiler (no ETA on this one).

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oh wow ! I understand now, didn’t pay attention when setting up the project in rush ! thanks so much you opened my eyes here !

So I think the ticket doesn’t need to exist actually, except for adding a new compiler, but nothing’s broken

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