Build wrapper not detecting files for IAR on Linux

build-wrapper, version 6.3 (linux-x86)
IAR version 8.50.1
Ubuntu 18.04

running simple test of compiling single file shows no captured information, uploaded bw (1.6 KB)

build-wrapper-linux-x86064 --out-dir bw /opt/bxarm/8.50.1/arm/bin/iccarm test.c

Hi @SteveB,

we were not aware of existence of IAR bxarm providing iccarm on linux. We only support IAR compilers on Windows in current versions, I created a ticket to add support for it: CPP-2582.

any idea on what the ETA of a updated version would be?

Hi @SteveB,

sorry for late answer. I cannot make any promise about ETA, you may want to watch the ticket on our Jira.

Hi @SteveB,

I sent you a PM to try to move forward on this topic.

For the records, a snapshot was tested with @SteveB and adds correctly support for IAR ARM on linux.

Thank you a lot @SteveB :pray:!