Recommendation for keeping/removing projects for which last analysis was done a year ago

SonarQube Developer Edition Self Hosted 9.5

Sonarqube scanning is integrated with Jenkins for us and basically that’s when the projects are created in SQ. We have come across many scenarios wherein we have hit the LOC limit even after extending it multiple times. While checking further, there we see many projects from the development teams wherein the last analysis was done like a year ago.

Is there any recommendation on the best practices for cleaning up/removing these projects and if yes, what shall be the duration. Even if we remove it, in case the pipeline reruns again, it shall create the necessary project configuration again.

Looking for more ideas on this. Could this removal of projects be automated with using SQ APIs.


For finding old projects, if you go to Administration → Projects → Management, you can search projects by ‘Last analysis before’. Be aware that this is really ‘Last analysis of main branch before’, (Yes, we know; it’s in the list.) but it’s a start.

We don’t have any recommendations for this that I’m aware of. Perhaps other members of the community will chime in here…