Rebind project request from one GitHub organisation to another GitHub organisation

Please change the ‘bound’ status from one of our projects, details available upon request.

The organisation this project now lives under is already bound to a github app.

I was advised in the past to recreate the projects but as this would imply losing our analysis history and settings this is not really an option.

And Change GitHub organization name and reset the organization binding, but our project is still bound leads me to believe this manual correction is possible on your side.

Hey there.

Unfortunately – it’s not possible to change the organization to which a project belongs. While in the past we performed some manual database operations, we took a decision to stop doing that quite some time ago. I suggest voting for this roadmap item.

Unfortunately, you will have to start the project from scratch in the new organization.

That’s not the reply I was hoping for, and certainly not what I was expecting as a paying customer.

Recreating a project means losing the valuable tidbits of information stored in the comments on fixed or wont-fix issues, tweaks to quality gates, etc…