Reason for deprecation of cross project duplication detection

Hi, My organisation wants to move our code analysis from an on-prem sonarqube community to sonar cloud. We would like to enable cross project duplication detection though, but it can’t seem to find that setting on sonar cloud. It is deprecated on our on-prem sonarqube, but can’t seem to find an explanation or an alternative. Can you give us some more information please? Kind regards, Frans Guelinckx

Hello Frans,

We deprecated this feature on SonarQube for 2 main reasons (see SONAR-9931):

  • the bad impact it has on the time to process the analysis
  • the lack of action-ability on the findings, since duplications can be spread across different teams and no direct action can be taken in that case.

Can you please elaborate on how you are using it in SonarQube and why you would like to have it in SonarCloud?


We’re working with multiple teams on the same product, spread over different microservices. So we wanted to detect code duplication across microservices, but have since dropped that requirement. Thanks for your answer!

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