Code similarity check for two repositories

I currently use SonarCloud and it is integrated into our Azure DevOps pipelines. Really happy with it and it is proving a great tool.

My question is related to the tools ability to look for code similarities between two repositories or folders. The reason being is that I need to convince a client that the two are different enough to be viewed as individual.

If this is something that can be done I would appreciate any assistance.

Kind regards


Hi @user1, welcome to the community forum!

Thanks for your feedback on the tool, we are very happy it is useful for you.
SonarCloud does not offer cross-project code comparisons, it only works inside a given project.

An idea of a workaround could be copying the sources of both projects on the same root directory and analyzing that root directory as a new project with the CLI Sonar Scanner. Then, looking at the global duplication measure could give you an idea of the similarities between the 2 projects. I’m not sure it will work in your particular case, though.