Read Clover.xml

I’m having problems reading a clover.xml file for coverage and test execution. I’m using javascript and jest for unit testing.

What is the way to process that kind of tests and coverage (javascript, react and jest)

##[error]ERROR: Error during parsing of the generic coverage report ‘C:\agent_work\19\s\Aplicacion\coverage\clover.xml’. Look at SonarQube documentation to know the expected XML format.

I already tried to use jest-sonar.reporter and didn’t work.


It looks like Clover reports are only supported for PHP. From the error, it looks like you’re passing your Clover report in via the parameter meant for submitting the Generic Test Data format. If you want to use this parameter, you’ll need to first convert your data to that format.


i documented a recipe to use with an Nx (13.4.1) Angular (13.1) Workspace using Jest to run unit tests and to generate and publish unit test run results and coverage reports to SonarQube server individually for each library