JUnit compatible XML report: streaming in / visualizing "generic" data

Hello team,
having a JUnit XML compatible report file as given input, is it possible to comfortably integrate this with SonarQube, i.e. streaming in and visualizing those data, without writing an own plugin, maybe also adding Quality Gates based on those data?
Sorry, if this is a naive or stupid question.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

Within a month or so, we expect to release a plugin that reads the JaCoCo XML format. If there’s no smooth conversion between the two, then you might be interested in the Generic Coverage Format.


Hi Ann,
thanks so much for your feedback, and the pointer. I think this is not exactly what I’m looking for, since what I have is generic data inside a JUnit XML report. It is not coverage data. However, having those generic approaches, maybe one of them could be a fit.
Thank you.