Re run all files to report all issued even already reported

Hello, we are working with SonarCloud normally with 0 issues. We use sonar.sources in order to run sonar just in specific folders (modules).

Days ago the default JavaScript profile was updated, and it causes new issues on our project, the problem is that running sonar in a dev branch does not report that issues maybe because they are already reported in main branch and just have to account new lines.

We need to have that issues reported in the dev branch in order to compel devs to fix that for a success pipeline.

We already try some properties but nothing report all the issues in dev branch

Any idea how we can fix this problem?

SonarCloud is built around the philosophy of Clean as You Code – meaning that developers should be responsible for the code they’re writing, right now.

If new rules are turned on in your profile, those issues should have been backdated so that they don’t fall in the New Code Period of your main branch.

It sounds like you have a failing Quality Gate – what condition(s) is your Quality Gate failing on?

What we need is to raise or show new issues added or activated in a profile in dev branch, in order to fix it in development process.

The image next is the result of running sonar from dev branch

Result of main branch

JavaScript porfile change log

You can try analyzing a branch as a long lived branch to get full results.

Thanks a lot for your help, at the end what we did was to create a new job for getting main branch status, in order to inform developers that it was failing.

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