Random long logons to SonarQube Dashboard

Hello, has anyone been experiencing Random long (60-120 seconds) logon time to the SonarQube dashboard? It normally takes 2 to 4 seconds. We started experiencing this issue on Monday May 16. We had been running 9.3 for about 2 months with no issues. We just upgraded to 9.4 to see if that would help, and it did Not. It appears to be random, we can go hours with no issues, then issues for a few minutes and then okay again. Our Sonarqube server is running under 10% cpu / 40% memory when long logons occur. Nothing showing up in the SonarQube logs or the server logs. We are using LDAP for the security in the sonarqube config file. Our Sonarqube databases appear to be okay. We are seeing the issue on both our test server (only has one user and 4 projects) and our main server (800+ projects / 150 users). Our test and main Sonarqube has separate databases, so we are pretty sure it is not a database issue. Any thoughts? Thank you…

I’ve had this regularly in older versions of SonarQube, where we had like 500 different projects in the server. (This was back when each branch was still analyzed as a separate project)

It usually only happened once a day, for the first person who logged into the server that day. I figured that the server probably needed to fetch all the project data in the background and then cached it for the rest of the day (or until the nightly project builds made it stale again).

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I know you said it’s random, but could there be a pattern in time of day? What do your server logs say?

This wouldn’t be about the DB. It’s more likely to be that your LDAP server is slow to respond.


Hello, no pattern, it appears to be totally random. I have tested this before 7am and after 7pm and sometimes I get 2 second logins and sometimes 2 minute logins (no users but me on). Get the same results on our test server and on our main server. Time of day does not seem to matter. I can go for an hour (between 8am and 6pm) with no issues and then get the long logons for 10 to 15 minutes before getting a fast logon. I have had 3 users at the same time have long login issue and then I have had 2 users at same time in which one has no issue and the other one the long login issue. Restarting our Sonarqube servers do not help, seen long login issue immediately after a server restart.

We are not see any issues in the SonarQube logs, nor on the SonarQube Server logs.


Could you maybe check with your network folks & the LDAP server admins? As I said, this is likely to be an issue of a slow response from LDAP.


Is there a way to configure more extensive SonarQube logging for the ldap connection part?


I think it’s TRACE you need to bump this up to to get more verbose LDAP logging. I didn’t lead with that because the logs get big fast at that level and you may have to have this on for a while to get what you’re looking for.


We are still trying to figure out what is causing our random slow LDAP response. In the meantime we set the ldap.followReferrals=false (we were running with true) and are getting 2 to 4 second logins.
Do you know what most folks are running with (true or false)?

Hi Dennis,

Sorry, no idea. This might be a good time to create a new thread with a title designed to get folks’ attention. Something like

Does your LDAP followReferrals?