Quick actions not showing quick fixes for marked issues

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Version 20H2
Visual Studio 2022 17.2.1
SonarLint plugin version:
Connected mode: Community Edition - Version 9.2.3 (build 50713)

Description of the problem:

SonarLint finds the issue:
And then when opening the quick actions it refuses to show the fix for the issue:

Before this version it did show the quick action for this exact issue.

hello @HallowedFlux

S1125 doesn’t have quick fixes for VB .NET , it only has for C#.

These are the rules with quick fixes for VB .NET: https://rules.sonarsource.com/vbnet/quickfix
These are the rules with quick fixes for C#: https://rules.sonarsource.com/csharp/quickfix

That’s weird, because I’ve used the sonar lint fix for S1125 before, this is why i’ve made the post too. Has it been removed?, cause that would be quite annoying.

Hi @HallowedFlux

We’ve never had this quick fix for VB .NET - you can verify the history of our codebase.

We do have the quick fix for S1125 for C# and it’s still there. Maybe you remember the C# one?

Maybe you’ve seen a quickfix from the IDE for VB, like IDE0100: Remove unnecessary equality operator - .NET | Microsoft Docs ?