Questions about SonarQube Developer Edition

I want purchase either SonarQube Developer edition or Enterprise edition, but as pre study I have below question

  1. Impact of upgrading from one edition to other (say from community edition to developer/Enterprise edition)

Whatever setup we did for community edition(like Rules, config changes etc.) Do we need to do all setup again after upgrading to developer/enterprise edition?

  1. With Enterprise edition we get 10 agents(workers) for parallel processing, Do we have provision to increase agents(workers) to more than 10, say to 12 or 13?

  2. Is any performance impact of including multiple projects under one SonarQube setup?

  3. Is there is any performance impact of including multiple projects under one setup?

Any quick help or suggestion would be appreciated


Welcome to the community!

Don’t worry about losing your configuration with an edition upgrade. Assuming you’re upgrading within the same version, an edition upgrade - or downgrade, for that matter - should be entirely transparent.

Ehm… With Enterprise Edition you get the ability to configure the number of workers. How many you configure is entirely up to you and should depend on your resources, as outlined in the docs

Not sure I understand the question. SonarQube is built to handle hundreds or thousands of projects in the same instance.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for Answering the questions,
My 3rd and 4th question was repetitive and mistakenly added.

My 4th question is –
Consider we have added multiple projects added under same instance. Can we set custom rules for specific project under same instance?


Yes! We don’t recommend having a unique Quality Profile per project, but it can be done. The Quality Profile docs may be helpful.