Question about coverage for classes injected via Dagger from other project modules

I have a question about code coverage:

I have a large Android app with multiple modules as in:

  - app->src->main->java->com->example->MyImportantClass
  - module1->src->main->java
  - module2->src->main->java
  - module3->src->main->java

I’ve configured Sonar to run against each module independently, as in:

./gradlew :app:sonarqube
./gradlew :module1:sonarqube
./gradlew :module2:sonarqube

I do this by looping over each module name and for each module the JUnit tests and JaCoCo coverage report is generated for that module (sonarqube task depends on jacocoTestReport and test). This method allows me to break down the project on a module-by-module basis rather than as a monolith project.

My question:

In module1 I use Dagger to inject an instance of class MyImportantClass that lives in module app. MyImportantClass in module app has JUnit tests covering the class so coverage is fine in app module.

However, in my scenario when I run sonarqube task for module1 the JUnit tests in module app will not be run. Running sonarqube for module1 will run test, jacocoTestReport and sonarqube only for module1.

My question becomes: would Sonar consider coverage of MyImportantClass to be “not covered”? Or would coverage measure only the use of this class?