Quality Profile Rules are not showing in SOnarQube9.6 Developer

Hi Team,

We are facing some DB issue after restart the SonarQube, it is showing the Database Must be Manually Upgraded it showing as under Maintenance page.

Once DB Manually upgraded with http:XX.XX.XX.XX:9000/setup SonarQube up and running.
Once we upgraded the DB Automatically SonarQube community version upgraded from 9.5 to 9.6.1 with out our action.
Now we are unable to see the Quality Profile of Rules it is not showing default and Custom rules also same issue
please find the below screen shot


I’m confused by this. SonarQube doesn’t upgrade itself. If you’re referring to the blue banner across the top of the screenshots in your 2nd post, those are informational, and just advise you to keep going on your upgrade journey. They don’t indicate that anything was done without your action.