Quality Gates management - Prevent deletion by other team member

  • ALM used Azure DevOps

  • CI system used Azure DevOps

  • Steps to reproduce:
    Our Project structure is following the same structure as in Azure DevOps: each team manage their own team project code and manage their Sonarcloud Project.
    We have given the permission to project admins to create their own Quality Gates in Sonarcloud but Quality Gates are shared among all teams. So, there is a risk that an admin could delete/modify a Quality Gate that belongs to another team. I know that in the SonarQube model, Quality Gates are managed at the project level.
    Do you have any plan to improve the granularity of permissions so that each team can manage only the Quality Gates that have been created by them?

Hey @teleferix

Unfortunately, there’s no ability to delegate permissions on Quality Gates on SonarCloud. We did begin to allow this in SonarQube (the ability for a user with the Administer Quality Gates permission to create a Quality Gate and delegate permission to a user/group). This has not been done in SonarCloud at this point.

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