Quality Gate Passes but not catching any new issues

Hi all,

I’ve been asked by company to evaluate SonarQube and provide a demo as we are trying to improve our development process. So far, I have set up SonarQube on my test server and successfully linked it with my test GitLab instance. GitLab is building the product on my development branch and is including a step to send everything to SonarQube. It looks like it is successfully sending the codebase over but it doesn’t look like it is actually analyzing anything. When I go to the project page in Sonar Qube, it is stating that everything has passed, 4 ‘A’ scores (with 0 issues in each category). However, it is stating that there are ‘Duplications on 70 new lines’. These 70 new lines are the new code I added as a demo for SonarQube for showing bugs, vulnerabilities, etc. When i click on the link provided under ‘70’, it is actually showing me just the new lines with no issues (16 of the lines are duplications and are not listed as such).

I am currently using
GitLab 13.7.0

I am not sure what I am doing wrong and I am finding nothing that explains my issue.

Thanks in advanced.


Welcome to the community!

Could you provide your analysis log (from your CI) and maybe a screenshot of your project homepage?