Switching from sonarqube to sonarcloud

Hello Team,
we are transitioning from sonarqube to sonarcloud, after running our pipeline through gitlab_ci, we get the result below saying qulity gate passed.
and when we check the project information, it says quality gate not computed.
but on sonarqube the same project shows the code has some bugs and we used the built-in sonar-way as our default quality gate. but the project main branch has not yet been scanned on sonarcloud.
i do not know if that could be the issue
I need advice to know if we are implementing our sonar scanner correctly on sonarcloud.

Thank You.

Hey there.

Here it looks like you’re scanning a pull request – which will only show changes on changed lines. What happens if you scan the main branch? Do you see the bugs you see reported in SonarQube?

Hello Colin,
Thanks for the response.
The main branch hasn’t been configured or analyzed on sonarcloud yet. could that be the issue?

Hello Colin,
The main branch has now been configured and analyzed on sonarcloud and we now have the same report as sonarqube.
Thank You.

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