Quality gate has not been computed for project

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  • ALM used: Bitbucket
  • CI system used: Bitbucket Cloud
  • Languages of the repository: Javascript
  • Error observed: “Quality gate has not been computed for project”
  • Steps to reproduce:
    • Works on the feature branch
    • Works on develop
    • Bitbucket pipeline for master fails at - pipe: sonarsource/sonarcloud-quality-gate:0.1.6 with the error: Quality gate has not been computed for project
    • This is the first time we have pushed master
    • As far as I can tell, the Default gate should have been present and sufficient


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Was this the first analysis of the main branch? I don’t believe QG is computed for the first analysis, even if you’d edited your QG from the new-code-based defaults. Why? Because all ‘on New Code’ metrics are comparison-based and with the first analysis there’s no way to make a comparison.