Quality Gate condition for Security Hotspot is not failing the check


We have a Quality Gate condition that makes the check fail if “Security Hotspots Reviewed is less than 100%”.

The problem is that it isn’t failing the check for feature branches:

Am I missing something about the behavior of quality check conditions?

Hello @Marcelo_Lima ,

This seems to be a bug on our side and we are already taking a look. I’ll post an update as soon as I have more details.


Thanks, @Martin_Bednorz

Is there any update?

@Martin_Bednorz following up again, is there any update on this bug fix? we are merging in MRs with Security Hotspot not reviewed since they don’t fail the Quality Gate.

Hi @Marcelo_Lima,

This has been fixed and should work correctly now. Let me know if you still experience problems.



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