Quality gate check behaviour changed as part of running c++ sonar-scanner

After upgrading SonarQube Server from version 8.5 to 8.7 we noticed that the behaviour of “sonar-scanner” changed.

I am running scans on C++ projects and using SonarScanner, sonarQube server 8.7.1 and with latest build wrapper provided for c++.

Previous behaviour:
As part of sonar-scanner command it was performing the quality gate check and throwing an exception if there was a failure. We relied on this behaviour to fail our build.

New behaviour:
It seems it does not check for quality gate failure as part of sonar-scanner command and hence all builds are always passing even though we have new issues which fails the quality gate.


  1. Was this intentional change or is this a real bug?
  2. If it is intentional, what do you recommend using instead? web interface to poll the quality gate? I was doing this before to get the failure.
  3. It makes sense to check the quality gate as part of the command line “sonar-scanner” so that we can rely on the exist code. Also we dont have to polling with other web commands. Can we get this feature back please?
  4. Is there a new settings/options that I can set to get this feature back?

Note: we are doing everything from command line and not using any plugins for Jenkins etc.


Are you sure you weren’t doing this in 8.5 via a community plugin that maybe didn’t get re-installed in the upgrade? We don’t provide anything that “throws an exception”.