Pylint custom checker rule is unknown in Sonar

Target: use custom pylint rules with SonarQube UI

I created a custom rule for pylint for python selenium webdriver. To check if XPATH locator is used.
from pylint.interfaces import IRawChecker
from pylint.checkers import BaseChecker


class WebdriverLocatorChecker(BaseChecker):
    """Checks if XPATH locator is used."""
    __implements__ = IRawChecker

    name = 'webdriver-xpath-locator'
    msgs = {
        'WD001': (
            'Locator strategy by xpath is not recommended',
            'Xpath locators are not recommended, use css locators instead or use class name, id or name if possible.'
    options = ()

    def process_module(self, node):
        with as stream:
            for (lineno, line) in enumerate(stream):
                for locator in XPATH_LOCATORS:
                    if locator in line:
                        self.add_message('xpath-locator-not-recommended', line=lineno + 1)

def register(linter):
    """required method to auto register this checker"""

In root directory I added .pylintrc file with (to use custom checker):


then I linted my files to get a pylint report:
(pylint-checkers - dir with

PYTHONPATH=./pylint-checkers/ pylint ./path/to/ | tee ./pylint.out

report file was created correctly with desired rule detection:

path/to/ [WD001(xpath-locator-not-recommended), ] Locator strategy by xpath is not recommended

In the project I set up a sonar config file with (to run sonnar-scanner):

Then I ran sonnar-scanner for SonarQube:

sonar-scanner   -Dsonar.projectKey=Project1   -Dsonar.login=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

but the terminal result contains (you need at least 1 pylint rule in a sonar profile to make it working with pylint report):

WARN: Pylint rule 'WD001' is unknown in Sonar

And this WD001 detection is not visible in SonarQube UI.

Question: How to make this rule visible in SonarQube Analysis? (WD001 is custom id)

I use SonarQube local docker SonarQube server 7.9.1

SonarQube Scanner

python 3.6.8

pylint 2.4.2

As far as I understand this: it is possible

So to export this custom rule I need to create issue description in json file and export it