Pylint Repository not visible on Sonarqube 9.1

Trying to activate pylint rules in sonarqube Version 9.1 Community edition.
Pylint Repository is not visible while creating new sonar profile for Python

Hello @singhyadvendra,

In order to have a repository of rules you must have a plugin that declares this repository and the rules included in the repository.
If I remember well there used to be a pylint plugin for SonarQube but it’s no longer maintained and fell in disrepair.
If you want to have pylint issues reported in SonarQube the best way is to use the Pylint external issue import feature (availabel out of the box); Simply set the scanner sonar.python.pylint.reportPaths property to point at your Pylint report and the issues will show up in SonarQube (there will be no corresponding rule though).
See Importing Third-Party Issues | SonarQube Docs for more details


Thanks Oliver, I will try that option