Pylint and sonarlint both find the same issue and display it twice

A couple years ago I recall seeing a recommended set of PyLint warnings that should be disabled so as to avoid double-counting issues that were also flagged by sonarlint. I can’t for the life of me find that page anymore. Can anybody help point me to the list of rules that should be disabled in pylint for Python analysis?

Hi @swails ,
As far as I know, we don’t have an official list describing what Pylint rules are covered by SonarLint.
However, we did some months ago an internal study to measure what rules are covered.

not-in-loop (E0103)
nonexistent-operator (E0107)
misplaced-bare-raise (E0704)
bad-except-order (E0701)
self-assigning-variable (W0127)
duplicate-except (W0705)
lost-exception (W0150)
cell-var-from-loop (W0640)
comparison-with-itself (R0124)
unused-variable (W0612)
broad-except (W0703)
unnecessary-pass (W0107)
unreachable (W0101)
eval-used (W0123)
exec-used (W0122)
bare-except (W0702)
wildcard-import (W0401)
bad-string-format-type (E1307)
format-needs-mapping (E1303)
empty-docstring (C0112)
missing-class-docstring (C0115)
missing-module-docstring (C0114)
truncated-format-string (E1301)
missing-format-string-key (E1304)
mixed-format-string (E1302)
too-few-format-args (E1306)
bad-format-character (E1300)
format-combined-specification (W1305)
bad-format-string (W1302)
missing-format-argument-key (W1303)
arguments-differ (W0221)
useless-else-on-loop (W0120)
logging-format-truncated (E1201)
logging-too-few-args (E1206)
signature-differs (W0222)
logging-too-many-args (E1205)
logging-unsupported-format (E1200)
too-many-arguments (R0913)
too-many-branches (R0912)
too-many-return-statements (R0911)
too-many-statements (R0915)
too-many-format-args (E1305)
unused-format-string-argument (W1304)
unused-format-string-key (W1301)
f-string-without-interpolation (W1309)
try-except-raise (W0706)
missing-final-newline (C0304)
multiple-statements (C0321)
trailing-whitespace (C0303)
redundant-keyword-arg (E1124)
notimplemented-raised (E0711)
fixme (W0511)
print-statement (E1601)
too-many-nested-blocks (R1702)
duplicate-code (R0801)
catching-non-exception (E0712)
dangerous-default-value (W0102)
no-method-argument (E0211)
no-self-argument (E0213)
unexpected-special-method-signature (E0302)
property-with-parameters (R0206)
duplicate-key (W0109)
literal-comparison (R0123)
using-constant-test (W0125)
missing-parentheses-for-call-in-test (W0126)
redefined-builtin (W0622)
bad-open-mode (W1501)
expression-not-assigned (W0106)
pointless-statement (W0104)
pointless-string-statement (W0105)
missing-kwoa (E1125)
no-value-for-parameter (E1120)
too-many-function-args (E1121)
unexpected-keyword-arg (E1123)
repeated-keyword (E1132)
implicit-str-concat (W1404)
invalid-all-object (E0604)
undefined-all-variable (E0603)

Please, bear in mind this list might need to be updated.
Let us know if you find some other overlap.

Thanks! This is very helpful!

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