Puppet (puppet-lint and puppet parser) plugin for sonarqube

SonarQube docker: Community Edition Version 8.2 (build 32929)

I want to do static code analysis (puppet-lint ) and code validation (puppet parser) for puppet.
Do we have any way to integrate these tools in Sonar Qube.
If yes, Please let me know the steps.

I have tried to find available plugin for puppet on SonarQube, but unable to find any.


Welcome to the community!

Several years ago there was a community plugin for Puppet analysis, but it was withdrawn and no community member has contributed another one since.


Thanks for reply Ann,

Is there any we can integrate customise plugin with souar qube scanner.


You would have to write the plugin. If you decide to pursue that course, feel free to open new threads here in the Plugin Writing category with specific questions.