Pull request title in sonarcloud using Jenkins


We are using bitbucket pull request to perform sonar scan for every PR in bitbucket.
As a part of metioning the parameters,
The value of sonar.pullrequest.key is set constant which is 5. So, whenever we create a pull request no.10 in Bitbucket, the PR analysis of the sonarcloud is appended with 5 in the dashboard (Ideally it should be 10) . Also, whenever we raise a new PR no.11, the analysis of the old PR in the sonarcloud (Appended with 5 in the dashboard) is updating with the new value and as a result we could not able to view the old PR and the sequences of created pull request in sonarcloud.

I know that changing the sonar.pullrequest.key value everytime according to the created PR in bitbucket will fetch us results, but who can we make it process as a automated one?

Hi, FYI, I’m closing this thread, as it’s a duplicate of this other one which looks a little bit better to me: