Problem integrate sonarcloud and bitbucket

Hello, in this I have a problem for decorate pull request, this doesn’t show in pull request.
In sonar Cloud show a warning

Pull request decoration did not happen. Configuration missing to decorate the Bitbucket pull request: BitbucketPrConfiguration{owner=‘vertical’, repository=‘sonarTest’, id=null, headSha=‘417b61a8925dec8b5c65127ab784f830e280dc15’, triggerCommitSha=null}

Hi Edward,
Can you please post the analysis log? Are you using Bitbucket Cloud? If so, are you using Bitbucket Pipelines for triggering the analysis?

It looks like you are missing sonar.pullrequest.key scanner parameter but that only matters if you are not using Bitbucket Pipelines.

Hi, look
I’m using Bitbucket Cloud and SonarCloud, in this moment doesn’t use Pipelines for triggering, for that I’m sending sonar.pullrequest.key

mvn sonar:sonar

logsSonarCloudTest.txt (6.8 KB)

Your sonar.pullrequest.key value looks invalid, the key must correspond to your pull request key in Bitbucket Cloud and those are integers.

I also noticed that you use invalid values for sonar.pullrequest.bitbucketcloud.owner and sonar.pullrequest.bitbucketcloud.repository. We only support UUIDs surrounded by curly brackets for both, like in the examples in the docs: .