Pull Request Fail: Please retry analysis of this Pull-Request directly on SonarCloud

Hi All,
We are using Sonjar cloud for github project GitHub - phcode-dev/phoenix: Phoenix is a modern open-source IDE for the web, built for the browser. . (Phoenix is a free code editor maintained by the brackets.io code editor community.). Sonar cloud has been pretty essential for our quality control needs as a FOSS project.

But recently, I saw that sonar cloud scan for all pull requests is failing with the error Please retry analysis of this Pull-Request directly on SonarCloud.. See live preview migration to virtual server updates by abose · Pull Request #705 · phcode-dev/phoenix · GitHub for a sample PR.

See https://sonarcloud.io/project/pull_requests_list?id=aicore_phoenix for the status in Sonar cloud. It looks like the pr is stuck in First analysis in progress state even though there were lots of previous successful PR scans.

Requesting help from the community on the same.


Deleted the sonar project and recreated it again to solve the issue.

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