Pull request decorator on GitLab overwriting another comment using the same user

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We’re currently using the Pull request decorator with GitLab.com, and it works great. We have a bot user setup and supply its API key to SonarQube for it to use.

We’ve recently been looking at using another service Danger, to help with our automation of merge requests and deal with potential issues from an admin perspective, and are using the same bot user for its API keys, however are hitting an interesting issue.

When running the GitLab pipeline with respective jobs, if the Danger job finishes first and posts a comment in the merge request, the SonarQube comment seems to delete the Danger comment.

A workaround at the moment is to have the Danger job finish after the SonarQube job, however this does not seem like a nice workaround, especially if there are multiple pipelines running at the same time.

This seem to be a case of the SonarQube bot user wiping out comments from the same user perhaps? and makes it difficult to use with the same account.

Please let me know if there is any more information you require!



This thread should help:



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Hi, FYI SONAR-13558 has been merged. That will be part of the 8.5 release.

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