Pull Request and main branch analysis not working

The automatic Pull Request analysis stopped working for one of our projects and the main branch analysis is also failing (id: AY2KzDieEarNZcDOHzpd).

Could you please help me troubleshoot?

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: GitHub Actions
  • Languages of the repository: Javascript, CSS

Welcome Isac,
I apologize for the delay in response. I looked into the reason for the failure. It seems that the scan ran with some configuration to Ignore Issues on Multiple Criteria (link to docs) and fails because

I also see the same project scanned today (Analysis ID: AY33THUI0tPPBaNrqfPq) has the same error of missing “File Pattern” for sonar.issue.ignore.multicriteria ruleset

I was able to reproduce the issue on my project with something like below



Could you pass a value for the Pattern to match (e.g. * for all files)?

I can see that the UI could be improved to properly enforce this limitation.

Best of luck,

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