PRs Status is showing passed on SonarQube Portal and is showing waiting in Azure DevOps

Hi all,

We are using SonarQube Developer edition and we have also enabled pull request decoration. my concern is for Some PRs in Azure DevOps it will SonarQube status as waiting however if i check it on SonarQube portal it will show all success and then if i re-que it from azure DevOps then in 2nd time it will show me passed status on Azure DevOps also.

Why my SonarQube status showing Waiting status even if it is passed on SonarQube Portal. Need support here.

My Integration between sonarqube and Azure DevOps is valid and this is happening for some PRs only not for all PRs.


This sounds like a timing issue. Can you share your pipeline code? Can you also check the background task (Project Settings → Background Tasks) for both

  • a PR that hung waiting for Quality Gate status
  • a PR where everything went fine

And give the timing between Submitted and Finished?