Proxy Configuration SonarLint IntelliJ

If i set my proxy settings in IntelliJ to Manual,
SonarLint can’t update the bindings.

my settings are correct, because i can load Plugins|Marketplace with this configuration.


Are you trying to connect to SonarQube or SonarCloud. If this is SonarQube, is it accessible through the proxy, or do you need to configure a proxy exclusion?

i try to connect to SonarQube.
and proxy is enabled.

Sorry but this is a bit confusing. Are you trying to configure SonarLint to be able to reach a SonarQube server through a proxy, or SonarQube to reach the marketplace (=internet) through a proxy?
This is 2 different questions, so that would be better to keep 2 separate threads.

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yes, i’m sorry.
there are two different questions in this thread.

Thanks for splitting your questions.

Back to the proxy issue in SonarLint IntelliJ, do you have any error/warning in SonarLint logs when you try to update the binding?

no error in SonarLint Log.
Error 503 on http://SonarqubeServer/api/system/status
in intelliJ

this error is a fleakyness.
If i change to Auto-detect Proxy n intelliJ, Update binding is working fine but the plugin Marketplace not
and if i use Manual proxy config, Update binding doesn’t work but Marketplace works fine…

dont know why

Can you try to share more details for us to try to reproduce?

  • proxy type (SOCKS, NTLM, HTTP/HTTPS, …)
  • authentication type, if any

Also, it might be interesting to use a network analyzer tool like wireshark, and see what is happening in manual proxy mode: in particular is the SonarLint requests really trying to access through the proxy.