Projects doesn't show up and project => management returns "The 'organization' parameter is missing"


I’m using newly SonarQube Community version It’s installed on Windows Server 2012R2 and the BD on SQL Server 2016.

Everything works fins for 4 weeks, now When I log to SonarQube, no project show in the portal and when I select “Administration => Projects => Management”, I got the error “The ‘organization’ parameter is missing”.

Same thing when clicking on GateQuality, nothing shows up and the error message pop-up “Either ‘id’ or ‘name’ must be provided”

I change the log to mode debug, but nothings showsup neither, I see the SQL request performed by the server when i click on projects => Management and when executing them directly on the databse, I see my 3 projects.

It looks like something crushing on my version. Can anyone help ?

I find the solution for the problem. SonarQube is running behind IIS Proxy, there was an option called “append query string” to be coched.

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