Projects are not getting loaded post upgrade from 7.9.2 to 8.9.0

I’m facing issue in SonarQube, Projects are not getting loaded post upgrade from version 7.9.2 to 8.9.0. Though Sonarqube analysis is not failing as it shows the number of projects but it doesn’t list down.
After this upgrade the customized plugins for mulesoft and IIB are also not getting loaded. Which we used to inject at path, /Conf/extensions/Plugins, during deployment.


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Is this still the case? One of the things we did in the 8-series was institute progressive loading after an upgrade so that the UI and the ability to analyze are available sooner. You no longer have to wait for all the Elasticsearch indices to fully rebuild before you can begin using your SonarQube instance again. The flip side of that is that not all your projects are available right away.

If it’s still the case that your projects page is empty, you may need to delete your ES indices (shut down; delete $SONARQUBE-HOME/data/es7; restart) and wait for the indices to rebuild.

You also mention plugins that aren’t loading. Since your UI paints, that they’re not blocking SonarQube startup, but it’s probably still worth checking your server logs to make sure there are no associated errors.